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The current staff complement of the DPP as at December 2018 is as follows
Legal Staff

  1. Patrick Moran (United Kingdom)- Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (Acting Director)
  2. Candia James-Malcolm (Trinidad & Tobago) Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions (Acting Deputy Director)
  3. Nicole Petit (Trinidad & Tobago) Senior Crown Counsel
  4. Elisabeth Lees (United Kingdom) Senior Crown Counsel
  5. Scott Wainwright (United Kingdom) Senior Crown Counsel
  6. Toyin Salako (United Kingdom) Crown Counsel 1
  7. Greg Walcolm (Jamaica) Crown Counsel 1
  8. Darlene Oko (Canada) Crown Counsel
  9. Kenneth Ferguson (Jamaica) Crown Counsel
  10. Garcia Kelly (Jamaica) Crown Counsel
  11. Emma Hutchinson (United Kingdom) Crown Counsel
  12. Kerri-Ann Gillies (Jamaica) Crown Counsel
  13. Alliyah McCarthy (Cayman Islands) Crown Counsel/Freedom of Information Manager
  14. Stacy-Ann Kelly (Cayman Islands) Crown Counsel (Traffic)
  15. Gavin Dixon (Cayman Islands) Crown Counsel (Traffic)

Administrative Staff
  1. Mark Harrison (United Kingdom) Human Resource Manager (shared with Portfolio of Legal Affairs)
  2. Dennis Walkington (United Kingdom) Serious Crime Case Manager (Disclosure Officer)
  3. Beverley Speirs (Caymanian) Librarian (shared with Portfolio of Legal Affairs and Judiciary)
  4. Kimberly Allen (Caymanian) - Administrative Assistant / Personal Assistant to DPP/DDPP
  5. Evita Dixon (Caymanian) Legal Executive Officer / Human Resources Assistant
  6. Kim Chin (Caymanian) Summary Court Clerk
  7. Joeniel Bent (Caymanian) - Executive Officer
  8. Maureen Guy (Caymanian) Executive Officer 2
  9. Marquita Douglas (Caymanian) Receptionist
  10. Simeon (JJ) Stewartson (Caymanian) Office Assistant/ Messenger (shared with Portfolio of Legal Affairs)

Last Updated 2019-04-03